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Tiger Club is full for November.  There may be limited spots open for December, please use the Contact form to be placed on the waiting list.  Thank you!
Join the Tiger Club! Simply sign up for the club of your choice, and near the end of each month you will receive lovely hand dyed sock yarn and/or fiber that will be exclusive to the club for at least 4 months*. Payments are monthly, and there is no minimum (or maximum) commitment. You will continue to be in the club until you tell us to stop.
Fibers and yarn will be in the same colorway (or very related), and will alternate between variegated, gradient/self striping, semi-solid, kettle dyed, and blended. I do my best to send a wide variety of colors, intensities, and techniques throughout the year.
Here is a slideshow of previous yarn and fiber:
Overhead on Ravelry:
I LOVE my fiber, and want to spin it RIGHT NAO!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this club = best purchase decision EVER  This is such cool fiber this month!  Yes! Yes! It’s an absolutely wonderful colorway--LOVE IT!  Wow! I want to start knitting this month’s goodies today!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s here!! it just arrived - I practically attacked the mailman to get it!! SO PRETTY!

But wait, there's more!  As a club member, you will receive free shipping on any yarn or fiber you purchase from the shop to be shipped with your club (US addresses only). You'll receive a code for easy checkout, but if you forget, just drop me a line and I'll refund the shipping for you.

The subscription period is from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the next month. You will automatically be charged on the same day each month, so it is easy to be in the club....and easy to bow out whenever you want. Want to purchase Tiger Club as a gift for someone?  Please use the contact form and we'll arrange it!  Packages will ship the last week of each month. 

Join your choice of club now for beautiful and unique fiber or yarn (or both!) at your door every month!  (If you'd like a different combination than those listed, do contact me!)  Remember, there is no long term commitment unless you want there to be.  Try Tiger Club for a month!

Hand Dyed Sock Yarn of the Month Club

Yarn will alternate between Tiger Twist,
Bengal Twist, Panda, Journey, and Safari; with possible
other comparable yarns thrown in at my discretion.  Occasionally, you will receive a Sport weight.  You receive a full skein (100 grams or 4 ounces), enough to make a pair of adult socks.
Dyeing techniques include self-striping, Filet of Sole, variegated, gradient, and kettle dyed.  Sometimes, the yarn will be dyed specifically for knitting a shawl.
Tiger Sock Club
USA only
$29 monthly
(shipping included)
Hand Dyed Fiber of the Month Club

Fiber will be in a similar colorway as the sock club, and will vary in the fiber each month. Examples are Superwash Merino, Corriedale, Targhee, Falkland, BFL, Wensleydale,
Polwarth, Shetland, Romney, and more.  
No goat, no bunny, sometimes camelids (camel, alpaca, llama).  In
the summer, there will often be a plant based selection such as bamboo or cotton.  
I try to have a different fiber every month of the year, but some may
 be repeated in blends, and you may get a repeat depending on the time of year you join as I do mix them up.
These will generally
be 4 oz for a single fiber
membership, 8 oz for double fiber.

A few times a year, you
may receive a specialty fiber such as
a silk or exotic fiber blend.
These offerings will be a smaller amount
in oz, but the overall dollar value
will be appropriate.
Single Fiber Club
USA only
$21 monthly
(shipping included)

Double Fiber Club
USA only
$38 monthly
(shipping included)

Double Your Fun

Want both a shot of fiber and a skein
of sock yarn? Here you go!
Remember that both yarn and fiber will be in a
similar colorway.

Options are the Single Fiber and Sock Club (One portion of fiber, one skein of yarn)

Double Fiber and Sock Club, you will receive double the fiber, and one skein of sock yarn.

Single Fiber and Sock Club
USA only
$46 Monthly

(shipping included)

Double Fiber and Sock Club
USA only
$62 monthly

(shipping included)

* Due to the new postage rates and regulations, I have discontinued the International portion of the club.  I apologize for this, and hope you will enjoy browsing the regular shop.  
Sales Tax is included in the subscription for Iowans.
Here's an unsubscribe button, or manage through your PayPal account.
If you are interested in purchasing a gift subscription, please contact me.

If you would like to switch the club you are in, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you.

No returns on clubs once they are shipped, the surprise is part of the fun. You are welcome to trade, sell, swap, or gift any yarn and/or fiber that doesn't jibe with your personal style, no waiting period or restrictions.

Teasers and shipping notification will be posted on The Painted Tiger's Ravelry group, and on Facebook. I hope you will join us in discussing and sharing!

Date of Payment / Shipment
March 16-April 15 / Last week of April
April 16- May 15 / Last week of May
May 16-June 15 / Last week of June
June 16- July 15 / Last week of July
July 16- August 15 / Last week of August
August 16-September 15 / Last week of September
September 16-October 15 / Last week of October
Etc, etc.

A subscription will set up a recurring payment in PayPal. You will automatically be charged every month on the day you sign up until you unsubscribe. You may unsubscribe yourself by using the button above, from within your PayPal account, or use the contact form on this site and I can do it for you.
*I reserve the right to exhaust dyebaths from club using silk hankies and list those prior to the 4 month restriction.
The Painted Tiger Yarn and Fiber Clubs

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