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Semi-Club for May - Pick your yarn or fiber base - BLUE

What's the Semi-Club? 
Do you love getting surprises?
Are you a bit picky as far as colors?
Prefer semi-solid/non-pooling colors?
Like to pick the base yarn or fiber?
Hate to wait?
Can't afford long commitment style clubs?
The Semi-Club is for you!  Simply choose the base of yarn or fiber you prefer, and I'll dye it up in the color of the month.  Still a surprise as to the exact color, and each batch will be unique (however, if you order several at the same time they will be in the same dyelot, so be sure to order enough for your project).  You can expect your special package to be in the mail within 2 weeks of ordering.
Each month I'll be featuring a new color, and you can decide if you'd like to join for that month or not.  No commitment, just great yarn in colors you like!
The color for May is blue.  Anything from robin's egg to deep sapphire are possibilities.  What will you receive?  In any shade of blue, it'll be dyed just for you!
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USD $20.00