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Find quick answers to common customer service questions here.

    • What do I do with this skein?

    • Yarn Winding

    • How should I wash hand dyed wool and yarn?

    • Where are you located?

    • What is your contact information?

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    • Iowa Sales Tax

    • Returns

    • Color Accuracy

    • Do you offer Gift Certificates?

    • Are you gift or swap friendly?

    • Where is your merino sourced?

    • What's the deal with Lanaset dyes?

    • What's with the ~ or approx. weights and yardages?

    • Allergens

    • Custom Orders

    • Dyelots

    • Knots

    What do I do with this skein? top

    Our yarn usually sent to you as a wound hank, which is basically a large circle of yarn tied in 2-3 places.  You will need to wind the yarn into a ball or cake to use it, otherwise you will have a huge tangle of spaghetti yarn! 

    Open the hank into a circle, being sure all ends are going one way (not crossed over the ties).  Place it on a swift, use a couple of chair backs, or a willing human's outstretched hands (or even your own feet!).  Tension is your friend, keep the circle open wide and under tension. Check to see that the skein is flat, not twisted (you should be able to trace a few bits of yarn on the top completely around the skein). Then you may carefully cut the ties and wind from the loose end that is coming off the outside.  You can wind by hand; using a nostepinne; or a cake winder.  I do offer caking service, if you don't see it on a particular listing, just ask at checkout.

    Yarn Winding top

    We are happy to cake your yarn upon request.  Please allow extra time for shipping.  The Painted Tiger recommends caking only if you plan to use the yarn promptly.  Caked yarn is not returnable unless it was originally sold as a cake (as with some of our gradients and lace yarn).

    How should I wash hand dyed wool and yarn? top

    I do use Lanaset dyes, which are the most light and washfast dyes available to indie dyers.  They are tested to be washfast to 130 degrees F....most other dyes will lose color or bleed above 105 degrees F.  You may wash your woolens in lukewarm water, and may even use some hot if you are using the wool/yarn in a felting project.  However, every dye has limitations, so I caution against using hot regularly, and please do not use detergents meant for regular laundry....cotton and synthetics wash best in a base environment, which can make wool brittle over time, and fabric softener is notorious for making wool release dye. 

    For best results, use something pH neutral, such as a wool wash (Unicorn, SOAK, etc), synthapol, Orvus paste, Ecos Laundry Detergent, original Blue Dawn (no enzymes), or shampoo. Woolite can be harsh on wool, so I don't recommend it.  A splash of vinegar in your rinse will also make the wool happy.  For superwash wool yarn....yes, you may put it in the washing machine....with one of the soaps listed above.  I do suggest you dry your woolens flat (or hang them if small).

    Personally, for my socks I use Unicorn Power Scour (if they are really dirty) or Unicorn Fibre Rinse, fill a sink with warm water, and let my socks soak for bit.  A couple rinses, a spin out, and then I hang them over hangers to dry.  

    Where are you located? top

    The Painted Tiger is in the 'nose' of eastern Iowa along the Mississippi River, in the United States of America.  We do not have a physical store, so please enjoy browsing online.

    What is your contact information? top

                         Email: Info@thepaintedtiger.com  Phone: (563)484-4374  Address: P.O. Box 5, Clinton, IA 52733

    You may also use the link at the top of our page (the envelope) for a contact form.

    Privacy Policy top

    Your physical and email addresses are collected solely for the purpose of getting your package to you.  Your information will not be used without your permission outside of the current transaction.  I will never sell or otherwise provide your information to third parties.  

    If you do wish to receive our newsletter, there is a form provided on the site, with double opt-in for your protection.  The list is handled by MailChimp. You are welcome to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

    Your information (Name, address, email, and IP address, plus any optional information you provide such as phone number, plus the items you order) is processed through our shop, hosted by PappaShop, Mals-e (our cart, they delete information after 60 days), PayPal (our payment processor), and PirateShip (postage/shipping labels).   The information is used only to fulfill your order. Due to U.S. tax regulations, order information must be kept by us for a period of 5-7 years.  Storage of your information on the third party sites listed is subject to their own privacy policies.

    Credit or debit card information is entered at our payment gateway (PayPal) and not seen by us, the shopping cart, nor any other site.

    Our website does make use of Google Analytics, information is anonymous and aggregated.  You may see and manage this on Google's site via this link: My Activity

    Shipping top

    Shipping will be prompt, usually the next business day, unless I have posted otherwise (as in the case of a custom order or Pre-order).
    Domestic shipping includes a delivery confirmation number, and is calculated based on weight and size of package. Insurance is available for First Class, and $100 is included with Priority Mail. I do follow the tracking and will file with the USPS if I notice that your package has become 'stuck', and in most cases packages start moving shortly after.
    Due to current conditions and various restrictions in many countries, International Shipping (other than Canada) will be on a case by case basis....please contact me for quote.  You will be responsible for all applicable VAT, duty, or customs fees that your country may require.  Not telling the truth on a customs form is illegal, please do not ask.  Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for international packages.  We use a Simple Export Rate for shipping First Class, which comes with some measure of tracking and insurance.  If you prefer quicker transit time and more robust insurance, please select Priority International, it comes with up to $200 insurance.

    Payment top

    ThePaintedTiger accepts credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and Venmo.  I can also accept money orders, please contact me to arrange this.   If you use an e-check through PayPal, I will ship once it clears, which can take up to 7 days.  Iowans will be charged sales tax during checkout.

    Iowa Sales Tax top

    I live on the banks of the Mississippi Iowa in Eastern Iowa.  If you share my state, I'm afraid you'll have to pay sales tax.  No shopping cart takes into account the variable tax rates we have throughout Iowa, so I charge a flat 7% tax.  If your area charges less, I'll be glad to refund the overage, please just give me a nudge and tell me your county.

    Returns top

    If you are not happy with your order or change your mind, please contact us within 7 days of delivery to work out the details of a return or exchange.  After that time only an exchange or store credit will be granted. 

    Items returned must be in their original form.  Yarn that has been caked into a ball is not returnable, whether it was wound by you or The Painted Tiger.

    All sales are final on discontinued and clearance yarn and fiber.  No returns on 'surprise' items such as Tiger Club, grab bags, or Advent Calendars.

    If the error was made by us (wrong item sent) we will reimburse the shipping charges.  If you simply do not like the product, (color, texture, changed your mind) you the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges (original and return).

    Please allow five working days after the product has been received at the shop for your charges to be refunded. 

    Color Accuracy top

    I do my best to photograph my yarns in good light to get the colors as true to life as possible.  I cannot, however, control your monitor settings, so you may find that the yarn your receive is not quite the color you saw.  Do read the listings to be sure what you see matches the description, and if in doubt, please contact me.

    Do you offer Gift Certificates? top

    Yes! You'll find a link in the sidebar, but if those fixed amounts don't suit you, please contact me.  Gift Certificates expire after 3 years, per Iowa code.

    Are you gift or swap friendly? top

    Absolutely!  Just let me know in the Notes to The Painted Tiger section upon checkout.  I ask that you use as a shipping address the one you wish me to ship to (when using PayPal, please be sure the ship-to address is the one you want, not your default). 

    I'm happy to not include prices, and pretty up the package a bit so that it will be a pleasant surprise for the recipient.

    Where is your merino sourced? top

    All of our sources of merino wool, both yarn and combed top, are sourced from non-mulesing farms.

    What's the deal with Lanaset dyes? top

    Yup, I proudly state that I use Lanaset (also known as Sabraset) dyes.  Why?  They are a different kind of dye, and make better bonds with the wool.  This makes the color washfast up to a tested 130 F / 54 C (other dyes only tested to 105 F / 40 C ....barely lukewarm), and I've found the color generally stays in at even hotter temperatures.  This means you don't have to fuss with cool water for washing (although I do still recommend it, especially for reds and turquoise; and anything with silk as it doesn't hold the dye the same way), and you can happily felt away using the hot/cold method.

    What's with the ~ or approx. weights and yardages? top

    Yarn and fiber comes to me in bulk amounts, and I must split it into smaller amounts.  I do my best to do so accurately, and try to err on the side of extra.  Yarn is sometimes measured by length, but mostly by weight, so the yardage on yarn may vary from the stated amount....each wool clip is a different density and changes the weight of a given length of yarn.  Fibers are measured by pre-dyeing weight.  Especially dirty fibers may lose weight in the dyeing and rinsing process.

    Another thing that affects weight is moisture.  Wool can absorb quite a lot of water from the air without feeling wet.  Our homes may vary considerably in humidity levels.  Please be assured I do my best to send you enough, and often more.

    Allergens top

    I do not use any scented products in our dyeing or washing processes or in our packaging.

    All items are dyed and stored in a smoke-free but cat friendly home.  The cats are not allowed into the studio/shop room, no matter how much they beg and look cute.  Everything is stored in plastic totes or bags.


    Custom Orders top

    We do take custom orders from time to time, especially if you want a larger lot of one of our standard colors.  These things take time to work into our schedule, however, so your patience is appreciated.

    Dyelots top

    I make small batches, usually one pound at a time.  All skeins/braids of the same dyelot will be listed within the same listing. 
    Despite this, skeins within the same lot will differ somewhat due to the nature of hand dyeing, so I suggest alternating skeins within your project to avoid disappointment.  (Self-striping yarns and gradient yarns are an exception....all those in the same lot are as near to identical as is possible for hand-dyed.)

    If you need a larger dyelot to complete your project, do contact me.  I am happy to run a custom lot for you.

    Knots top

    Unfortunately knots happen at the mill.  Industry standard is 2-3 allowed per skein.  If you find more than this, please contact me immediately.