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I've done some research around the web, and have brought you this page of links to free patterns!  Please observe the copyrights (explicit or not) of the pattern writers and use these only for your own personal use.
Sock Knitting Patterns
Knitting Pattern Central (tons of patterns!)
Knitty Chick (598 patterns!) Plus Leg-Warmer Patterns
Sock Crochet Patterns
Knitting & Crocheting with Roving Love roving, but don't spin?  Very affordable patterns for knitting or crocheting clogs, boots, rugs, purses, and stuffed animals straight from roving.
General Yarn Sizes and Basic Yardage Requirements 
(Slurped list, author unknown)
Laceweight (18+ wpi, 2600+ ypp)
     Necktie 2 1/4" x 40", 110 yards
     Scarf 6 1/2" x 70", 450 yards
     Shawl 42" x 56", 600 yards
Fingering weight (16 wpi, 1900-2400 ypp)
     Triangle shawl 36" x 72", 1200 yards
     Smoke ring 22" x 17", 275 yards
     Wristlets, medium size, 75-100 yards
Sport weight (14 wpi, 1200-1800 ypp)
     Scarf 4 1/2 x 80, 250 yards
     Hat, 22, 120 yards
Worsted Weight (12 wpi, 900-1200 ypp)
     Hat, 22, 125 yards
     Short sleeve tee, medium, 1025 yards

50 grms will probably make you a nice pair of baby booties.
long scarf of fingering wt. took about 50 gm. on 6 mm needles.
long scarf of lace wt. took about 25 gm. on 4.5 mm needles.

4 ounces in sport-weight 2-ply will make a hat, mittens, gloves, muffatees,
socks [but not with really long legs], an average snood, slippers, or a long
skinny lacey scarf on big needles.

2 ounces will make a baby hat, baby socks, baby mittens, wrist warmers, a
headband, ear-band, fingerless mitts, fingerless gloves, a coif, sandal
socks, or ballet style slippers.

around 4 oz for socks or gloves/mittens, 8-12 ounces for scarfs or small
shawls, 1 1/2 pounds or more for sweaters.

You need between 400-450 yards of light fingering yarn for an average pair of socks. (Many of the yarns on this site are heavier fingering, so you will need less).

You can get a plain 2x2 ribbed, brimless hat out of a 200 yard worsted weight